Deutsche Borse – 2014

A slightly disappointing Deutsche Borse competition this year. I personally found 3 of the 4 displays a bit ordinary and pretty uninspiring. This might be a bit controversial and I’m definitely no art critic, but the work on offer from Lorna Simpson felt like a collection of 1950’s selfies!

There was however a very clear and deserved winner in Richard Mosse; his Enclave series on the conflict in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is really unique and pretty powerful.

Mosse used a large format camera and discontinued infrared colour film formerly deployed by the military to identify camouflaged targets. Green foliage is shown in vivid shades of pink and the resultant effect is very dramatic.

Richard Mosse 4


Richard Mosse 3

Richard Mosse 2

What an amazing piece of work – not often you see a completely different take on conflict photography…

PS If you are visiting I’d highly recommend the John Deakin exhibition instead (or as well), which includes a few very nice portraits taken on the streets of Soho.


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